Travel insurance


Adequate travel insurance includes full medical, repatriation and baggage damage/loss charges. It is a condition of booking. We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance which includes curtailment and cancellation coverage as well as international medical insurance upon confirmation of your booking. For longer adventures trips we recommend you to take an extra insurance which is not expensive and worth to consider. It is called emergency evacuation Flying Doctor Insurance, covering Kenya and Tanzania. This insurance costs US$ 15 per person for 2 weeks and covers emergency evacuation costs only. Please let us know if you would like to have this insurance, we will arrange it for you.



Always keep your money and all important documents in a safe place (the best are special travel pouches/wallets which you can keep under your clothes). Never live your money in the hotel rooms, tents, cars, unless there is a safe box available. This applies for travelling all over the world. It is wise to have photocopies of all important documents which should be kept away from originals.

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