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As the leading destination in Africa for wildlife safaris, Kenya has been welcoming overseas visitors for many years. For more travel information for visitors, click on the links below.



East Africa enjoys a tropical climate which varies with topographical regions. There is plenty of sunshine all the year round although rainfall occurs seasonally throughout most of East Africa.


To avoid mosquito bites use repellent and sleep under mosquito nets. Don't drink water from the tap and wash your food before eat or ensure yourself it is properly cooked. We recommend to seek an appointment with a doctor prior your travel.


All visitors to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are required to obtain a passport. The passport should be valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. There should be sufficient blank pages for entry stamps upon arrival.

Travel Insurance

Adequate travel insurance is includes full medical, repatriation and baggage damage/loss charges. It is a condition of booking.


Always use official currency, changed in the bank, changing bureaux or avoid street-dealers. Travellers cheques and most major credit cards are acceptable.


Tips are best shared directly or through a staff tip-box. They are always appreciated if the job has been well done. Small denomination currency in pockets is recommendation.

Packing list

During your safari travel you need to restrict your baggage to 12 – 15 kg. In local communities a dress code is requierd. Avoid bright colours while on safari and don't wear camouflage-patterned clothes.


By following common-sense rules you should travel without incident. Always use the room safe or leave valuables with management. Do not walk around unfamiliar streets at any time.


Whether you are looking flights from Europe, Asia or other countries, cheap flights or special deals to your African destination can be found with one of airlines listed below.


Always take a battery charger or spare batteries. Bring a dust and a water proof bag to cover equipment. Always ask permission before filming local people.

Mountain equipment

We recommend the following individual equipment list to climb Kilimanjaro or Mt. Kenya. Your equipment will be checked by the guides before departure.

Yelow fever & Malaria

Yellow fever is a risk in certain parts of East Africa. Malaria is also prevalent in East Africa. Recommend vaccination and adequate protection for all travelers.

Regular questions

Here are collected frequently asked questions and their answers as when is the best time to visit Kenya/Tanzania, do you need visa to travel in those countries, will you require any medications, can you take your children on safari…

General information

Some general information about Tanzania, vibrant and beautiful country with world-class parks and amazing beaches, Kenya, wild and full of real African beauty and Rwanda, home of gently mountain gorillas.

Basic words

Swahili phrases and words, that will help you to order your meal, buy a souvenir or present yourself to your new african friend. From locals you will often hear: HAKUNA MATATA.

One last word of advice

Some of Africa's charm is its slower, more relaxed pace of life. Local people are generally polite, hospitable and always eager to assist, however, may not always understand everyhting in your terms. If you always remember your patience and sense of humor, you will depart with wonderful lasting memories.

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