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Top 5 africa safari tours

We are introducing selection of our most recommended safari itineraries from 8 days to 3 weeks long, while all of these can be tailored to your own specifics by adding additional nights, changing accommodation standard and selecting between the type of vehicle you prefer while out on safari. Adventure Travel is our most preferable way of travel where we like to include destinations Off-beaten track with great Outdoors and Cultural interactions. We are not into Luxury Travel but we can easily provide it.



Travel style adjusted to families with small kids. Destinations are short with accommodation selected at places kids love!



Similar with LUXURY… itinerary built in relaxing way with nice accommodations and options of further upgrading.



Itineraries that are always inclusive with Adventure elements, either meeting the local culture with nature walks, walking safari, mountain-biking, boat rides and similar.



Itineraries here are built in style with not too much driving around but instead filling betveen destinations. Accommodations as well can be easely upgraded to even nicer then what we might have suggested at first place.



Whether it is organising a conference with a wild African theme, a few days out in the bush for team-building excercises or a safari for small groups and companies, we have the experience and expertise on the ground to come up with refreshing ideas.



The selection of adventurous itineraries like mountain-biking, walking with Maasai, Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya trekking, Gorilla Trekking, Golfing, Birdwatching, etc.

All Safari packages

Africa has a safari for every traveller. What will your journey of a lifetime be? Our safari packages and tours range from affordable adventure safaris, to specialized and luxurious safaris. Our itineraries are divided into ADVENTURE and CLASSIC category of travel as well with combination of itineraries especially suitable for FAMILY TRAVEL. Use our quick links to find adventurous affordable safaris, family-friendly, romantic honeymoon or luxurious packages or just activate our Eyes on Africa Safari Expert to plan a tailor-made tour based on your interests and vacation budget.

There is also the way of flying between destinations on “Flying Safari” but that kind of travel becomes expensive and fits into Luxury travel. We can easily offer it but mostly we suggest flights only at the end of our safari itineraries to return to your International departure hub or connecting with sandy beaches for your Beach Holiday. Although we do have a couple of popular Flying Safaris published from Mombasa and Dar.


Maasai Mara – the most famous park in the world, BIG 5, colourful Maasai tribe, diverse landscape, sandy beaches and much more.



Ngorongoro Crater - the world`s natural wonder, Zanzibar – an island of spices, Kilimanjaro, Serengeti wildlife, luxury resorts and more.


Uganda & Rwanda

Trekking across the mountainous area of Uganda where mountain gorillas live in their natural habitat. An unforgettable experience.


A typical day on safari ...


SAFARI .... A JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME. Safari ... is a simple Kiswahili word meaning 'journey'. Yet the word captures far more than this, for it evokes images of historic expeditions, adventurous trails and fairytale romance. Along this journey, we will share our spirit of adventure and friendship with all our clients.


A typical day ... depends on the style of safari, where you are staying, wildlife movement and the season. Each day in Africa is new and exciting. A portion of the day is spent travelling from one place to another and include plenty of highlights. A typical day with us starts at sunrise, making the most of every minute. Early activity and breakfast following lunch and relaxation at your camp, on the side of the road or at a local picnic spot. Dinner is often an extravagant affair, with nightcap and hearty conversations enjoyed around the camp fire before turning in. Our tours are private which gives you flexibility to adjust your travel plan to your specifics, and designed to be as flexible as possible so you can experience Africa in your own way. You can customize your itinerary by mixing and matching the adventures and experiences we offer.

Safari vehicles

Safari vehicles to choose from: MINI-VAN or LAND CRUISER
Here we mean the type of transport which you choose for your travel while you are out on safari. In Kenya we can offer two types of vehicles: Mini-van or Land Cruiser. In Tanzania we make them with Land Cruisers only.

VEHICLE EQUIPMENT … Both vehicles Mini-van and Land Cruiser are custom built, with roof-hatches that are opened during game drives for better game-viewing. They are all equipped with CB-radio call stations for emergency cases, cool boxes and inverters to 220V for your camera charging if you run out of a juice while out on a game drive. They are both 4x4 wheel drive vehicles.

VEHICLE CAPACITY ... All the cars have capacity to carry seven guests. With six window seats at the back and one in front next to driver… but that is the max as it gets quite congested on game-drives when all at the time want to stand up through the roof-hatch and take pictures! For best experience we can recommend for up to five guests in one car, that way there is enough space for moving round as well for your luggage if you intend to buy lots of souvenirs on the way.

Safari Mini-van: Slightly cheaper way of traveling round, it has slightly less leg and luggage space then Land Cruiser, softer ride.

Toyota Land Cruiser: The classical image for going out to the wild is definitely with a 4x4 vehicle like Toyota Land Cruiser, slightly higher then Mini-van, enables better game-viewing, less chances to get stuck if wet and rainy, more leg and luggage space.

Guides & drivers

We believe that, the most important part of any successful safari is your driver-guide. They are your 'window' through which you see and experience Africa. Their skills are immense but what excites them most is being able to share their love of the bush and Africa. The safari's success or failure is held in their hands. Therefore, we take great care to ensure that our driver-guides are charismatic, born leaders and work exclusively for us. They are also highly trained in all aspects of flora and fauna, tourism, vehicle maintenance and attend regular development projects to keep abreast of current affairs, game park regulations and conservation laws. They have years of experience driving and guiding. They are all English speaking with remarkable knowledge of wildlife, nature, roads and the local cultures at large.


Most of our safaris are done by road with our customized Safari Vehicles … meaning we pick you up and take you round visiting National Parks and Attractions with our vehicle, driver and at the same time your guide. Our driver-guide will stay with you throughout your safari till dropped beck at airport or beach hotel.

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