A city in northern Tanzania, which is surrounded by some of Africa's most famous landscapes and national parks. Is the starting point for Tanzania's Northern Circuit safaris. As you arrive, whether by air or by road, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside reveal a fertile and well-cultivated land lush with plantations of coffee, maize, beans, and wheat, alongside greenhouses and fields growing fresh flowers for export. 


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This productivity is reflected in Arusha's markets and on most street corners, where large avocados, tomatoes and maize cobs are among the crops offered for sale. Tourism is also a major contributor to the economy in Arusha, being the second largest contributor of income in Tanzania.



  • Starting point for Tanzania's Northern Circuit safaris
  • Kilimanjaro airport
  • Canoeing on the lake
  • Exploring farming communities and coffee plantation
  • Arusha Village experience
  • Snake park


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