Zanzibar North Coast

Zanzibar North Coast

This area of Zanzibar has some fantastic beaches and nearby coral reefs which are ideal for diving and snorkeling. The local villagers have built a turtle sanctuary where injured turtles and other marine animals are nursed back to health before being released back into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. In North Coast is the dhow building capital of Zanzibar, so you will be able to see the traditional methods of dhow construction in action.



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Is a long beautiful stretch of classic palm-lined, chalk white sand. It is a quiet beach for guests looking for peace and quiet. Matemwe Beach is dotted with palm-thatched villages, where friendly local people live a traditional life dominated by fishing. Matemwe really is close to the classical notion of paradise.


Is famous for being one of the best beaches in Zanzibar and can be approached by a road lined by banana palms, mangroves and coconut trees. The beach features a wide stretch of white sand and the warm turquoise water of the Indian Ocean. Dhow builders are dotted along the beach and for an insight into this ancient craft the builders are now used to tourists watching them at work. The Mnarani Aquarium is about 1km south along the beach and has a conservation project for hawksbill turtles.


Is a large stretch of pristine sand with clear water at its edge. The beach is known for its many sheltered coves and rock outcroppings, as well as its secluded beauty: it is backed by coconut palms fronted and rocky coves, looking out over an expanse of translucent turquoise ocean where dolphin arc, turtles potter and curtains of rhinestone fish drift amongst rainbow coral gardens. Activities at this beach range from snorkeling and diving to sea kayaking, lavish array of barbecues and dhow trips and visits to a dhow workshop.


Is a beach that is more suited to tranquility and solitude. It is a long and luxurious stretch of soft white sand spread along the north east shore of Zanzibar. Restaurants of all types dot the beach. Not known for its lively nightlife, this is a beach for those who treasure relaxation listening to the soothing sounds of the surf lapping the shore being the only disruption to the day.


  • Endless white sand beaches
  • Colorful coral gardens
  • Warm cyrstal clear turquoise water
  • Observing traditional methods of dhow construction in action
  • Ideal for diving and snorkelling
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